Things To Know After You Close


During your closing, you will receive a packet of documents that provides important information regarding your home and its care.

Below are important steps to ensure timely care; that will help you receive the most benefits from living in your new home:

  • Transfer the Utilities (water, gas (where applicable) and electricity) within one week of your close date; at such time we will have those utilities disconnected.
  • Contact your termite company for any questions you may have about the Termite Bond on your home. It expires one year from closing date, and it is important and in your best interest that this bond be maintained. For the vendor information, see the soil treatment letter in your closing documents given to you by the closing attorney.
  • $$$ If you have questions about the amount of your Tax Bill when it arrives please feel free to cont your closing attorney's office. Unless the tax bill has already been received, the prorated amounts on the settlement statement are estimates only and may need adjusting.
  • $$$ Apply for the Homestead Exemption once you have received your Warranty Deed from the attorney’s office (see the handout with all the relevant information in the closing documents given to you by the closing attorney). The attorney will be glad to explain how these can benefit you.
  • Please don’t forget to fill out the warranty cards on your appliances.
  • For your convenience please reference the Yard Maintenance Guide. It is geared towards new home construction with necessary maintenance and safeguarding tips.
  • IMPORTANT: Please reference and be knowledgeable of your Warranty booklet for coverage and time sensitive items and requirements. 
  • If a vendor must be contacted for a specific item of concern, please only contact a vendor from the list supplied to you. We are not responsible for repairs or refunds on repairs done by an outside vendor.