Things to Know

To help make the most of your Design Gallery consultation, we have provided the following Landmark 24 Design Gallery Consultation Checklist


Have you…

o Arranged for childcare?

Homebuyers need to give their undivided attention when at the Design Gallery. This consultation can last up to 2 hours and we know that it is difficult for little ones to be so patient.


o Discussed your budget?

Homebuyers often underestimate what they can afford. Upgrades translate into just a few dollars a month in a mortgage payment. Discuss your finances with your loan officer ahead of time so you will be comfortable with your decisions at the Design Gallery.


o Created your dream-home wish list?

List the new home features you’ve been dreaming of (carpeting, cabinets, countertops, etc.). Bring this list to your appointment and we’ll work with your lender to include these items in your mortgage and make your wish list a reality.


o Thought about your lifestyle room by room?

Do you plan to use a bedroom as an office? If so, you will need additional electrical, phone and cable outlets. Do you entertain? Need a kitchen island to create more counter space? Additional lighting? Do you enjoy surround sound while watching movies? Think of your lifestyle and imagine yourself living in your new home-the options are endless!


o Brought along paint swatches, fabric samples and other accessories to help design your home?

It is always a good idea to bring along pictures, paint chips, textures, etc. to help you with your decision-making.


o Considered the exterior textures and colors you prefer?

Although we have vinyl siding, brick, and other samples for you to view at the Design Gallery, we find it is easier to get a true picture of these colors on a larger scale. We suggest you visit some of the Landmark 24 communities to get an idea of what you prefer. Keep a record of addresses for the homes you like, and we’ll try to help you design your home with these color palettes.