Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 16: Privacy!

Homeowners definitely have advantages over renters. There are the well-known financial rewards of tax deductions and also the security of making a sound investment. Homeowners end up reaping the rewards of their home investment rather than giving thousands of dollars every year to a landlord as a tenant. One of the lesser-appreciated benefits of homeownership is being able to enjoy more privacy.

Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 7: Shop Now Before the Holiday Rush!

Spring is traditionally the time for weddings and buying a new home. But according to Trulia, that has changed and now both getting married and buying a home have moved to the fall months. This is actually a good thing for the new home shopper and perhaps for the happy couple as well. Here are more insights from the experts on the subject.

Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 14: Because Change Is Good!

Buying a new home means big changes in life. When you move, everything gets turned upside-down. True, moves are ranked among life’s most intense stressors, but there are plenty of benefits to making a move, too. In many cases, change is good. It might be just what the doctor ordered, particularly when you are about to begin a new life chapter such as starting a family, getting married and purchasing your first home as a couple, or even retiring.

Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 23: Because You Deserve to Be Really Happy

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There are so many ways for us to be happy in our homes, not the least of which is that we get to call the shots! From paint color, to what type of flowers and landscaping, to the type of countertops and cabinets, and what time we get up and go to bed, we’re the boss. But on a deeper and more meaningful level, we are in control of building, creating and nurturing the people, values and qualities in our home that bring us a deep sense of contentment.
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