Adding Charm to an Office Space

A home office has the same requirements as a traditional office away from home. They are both organized and laid out for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Date Night Ideas for a Valentine’s Day at Home

A romantic evening at home for just the two of you can be much more intimate than the typical dinner and a movie date. Make the evening glow with activities, food and drink that hold fond memories for both of you.

Garage Organization Ideas

The purpose of a garage is to store vehicles to protect them from harmful elements when not in use.

Prep for a Spring Garden

The key to creating a successful spring garden that lasts into the summer is to plan for it early. Visualize how your garden looked last year, and how you used it. Did some plants not thrive in that space? Were garden items difficult to get around? Perhaps some foliage was trampled because the area lacked a footpath, or the landscape was crying out for a water feature.

Wintering a Southern Storm

One doesn’t normally think of snow storms in the southern part of the United States, but lately it seems that snow, wildfires and flooding can occur anywhere and anytime of the year. Even though we have mild winters here in the South, it is best to be prepared and know what to do if there is a snowstorm in the forecast.

How to Deep Clean for Company

Holidays are not the time for procrastination, particularly if you are planning to have guests stay with you. Giving your home a top-to-bottom cleaning is not fun, so this might be a prime reason for procrastination. Don’t do it. You want to be ready for your guests when they arrive and being prepared with a clean, organized house in advance will give you more time for that last-minute shopping.

Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

Decorations, presents and carols are all a wonderful part of the holiday season, but what really makes it special is the spirit of giving that comes out in all of us during the holidays. It is truly the season of giving. To make giving of yourself, your money or your time even more rewarding, make it a family affair.

Setting a Classic Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving dinner brings to mind lots of family and friends sitting around a spacious dining table enjoying the classic holiday foods: turkey, yams, sage stuffing and that ubiquitous green-bean casserole. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without certain family traditions and each family has their own idea of tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving.

Getting a Jump Start on the Holidays

The holidays are almost here. Being organized and planning ahead is a great way to enjoy this merriest of seasons. The best way to remain calm and have fun is to make your plans early and create an organized to-do list to carry out your projects leaving no time for panic and plenty of time to enjoy the season with family, friends and guests. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you organized this season...

Discovering South Carolina in November

The weather in November in South Carolina is pleasant and mild with low temperatures around 45° and highs from 65-70°. This is fortunate for residents and tourists alike because there are many exciting things to do and see in South Carolina in November, many of them outdoors. There are art festivals, music festivals and festivals of lights to be enjoyed almost every day of the month, so put on a light jacket and comfortable shoes, get out there and discover some fabulous seasonal events. Here are some of the best events, but there are other exciting things to do, see and hear happening all over the state every November.

How to Achieve the Perfect Paint Job

Painting a room is one of the few redecorating projects jobs that is truly a DIY event. Fortunately, changing the color of a room also delivers a huge impact – one which your family and friends are sure to notice. It is not difficult to achieve a professional look, but certain steps must be followed, and adequate time allotted to pull off an expert finish to all painted surfaces.

Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 16: Privacy!

Homeowners definitely have advantages over renters. There are the well-known financial rewards of tax deductions and also the security of making a sound investment. Homeowners end up reaping the rewards of their home investment rather than giving thousands of dollars every year to a landlord as a tenant. One of the lesser-appreciated benefits of homeownership is being able to enjoy more privacy.

Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 7: Shop Now Before the Holiday Rush!

Spring is traditionally the time for weddings and buying a new home. But according to Trulia, that has changed and now both getting married and buying a home have moved to the fall months. This is actually a good thing for the new home shopper and perhaps for the happy couple as well. Here are more insights from the experts on the subject.

Common Mistakes of First-Time Homebuyers

Buying that first new home is both fun and frustrating. To accentuate the fun and diminish the frustration, follow the sound advice of the professional real estate team at Landmark 24 Homes. The team is there to smooth the way for the novice homebuyer as well as the veteran. No one can go wrong with buying a Landmark 24 home with the many floor plans, price tags and desirable locations.