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Leftover Turkey Recipes

No matter how many sacks of food you send home with guests, half of Thanksgiving dinner still remains in your refrigerator. Turkey sandwiches and turkey soups are only appealing for so long. Be innovative this year and try some of the many delicious things you can do with leftover turkey, stuffing, yams and cranberry sauce.

Holiday Foods and Pet Safety

Holiday season is food season, when we eat the best – and most – food of the year. There are roast turkeys, hams, pies, cookies, and fruitcakes, not to mention eggnog, hot toddies, and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Many serious environmentalists are choosing to live off the grid despite the difficulties involved in such a major departure from the usual way of life in the city, suburbs or even rural areas. You don’t have to go to such extremes, though, to do your part to help reverse the harm being done to the environment. By changing a few of your habits and processes of everyday life, you can make a meaningful change in the carbon footprint and allow the natural world to thrive.

Hurricane Safety on the East Coast

Georgia and the Carolinas lie directly in hurricane territory. However, residents of these states shouldn’t think they must relocate; they must only accept the fact and deal with it effectively. There are many ways to survive the effects of even the most ferocious of hurricanes.

Oprah Loves Kingsland, and So Will You!

Kingsland, Georgia, is on the southeast coast 100 miles from Savannah and 77 miles from St. Augustine, Florida. The terrain features winding rivers, dense marshlands, tidal creeks and marsh grass. Among these natural splendors are wildlife and challenging golf courses. There is no end to the fascinating things to do and see for the entire family. Add to that the famous southern hospitality and delicious food, and you will understand why Oprah loves Kingsland.

The Value of Multigenerational Homes

Multigenerational living has been on a downslide for a while, but it is making a comeback for some very good reasons, and not just because of the economy. People have also found that extended family living has something of value for every member of the family, whether infant, grandparent or in between.

Tips to Maximize Space in a New Home

Open spaces give a home a light, airy feel and make the home more pleasant to be in as well as easier to move around. An interior decorators trick that can benefit every room is to arrange the furniture and decorative accessories around a focal point. The focal point can be as easy as a wall painted a strong color against an otherwise neutral palette or the placement of any impressive piece that draws the eye to it. Here are more ideas to maximize the space in your home.

Smart Apps for Your Home

Today’s technology allows you to use apps on your phone to make your home a smart home. Some of these apps are simple to install and some are more difficult, but all of them are easy to use and come in enough variety that just one of them may do everything you need to turn your home into an intelligent place to be.

Top Tips for Moving with Kids

Every adult knows that moving to a new home in a completely new environment is way up there on the stress chart. Think of that stress level as being multiplied by a factor of at least ten when that move includes young children. There are some ways you can cope with this, so everybody winds up in the new home in a state of peace and composure.

How to Breathe Life into an Empty Nest

Your children are grown and have left home for good. This is a big change in every parent’s life. It seems like you have a lot of extra space in your home, but you can make the most of it by considering carefully how your needs have changed and how to best take advantage of this newfound space.

New Home and Taxes

Homeownership comes with huge tax advantages. There have been changes recently in upper limits eligible for deductions, but the caps are still high enough that the majority of homeowners can deduct up to the maximum tax rate on their property.

Changing up a Space without Wallpaper or Lots of Paint

From time-to-time, we all look around our homes and find that the decorative touches in a room need some refreshing. There are many ways to make a room more exciting without making semi-permanent changes with paint or wallpaper.

Why Adopt a Shelter Pet

Pets are always a welcome addition to the family for the companionship, fun and love they provide. If there are children in the home, pets also provide an excellent life-skill learning opportunity.

Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Now that you have keys in hand to your new dwelling, the moment has arrived for you to make this house a home. Selecting window treatments for each room is a great place to start. Window treatments show your personality and express your tastes as well as add to the livability and charm of your new home.

Being a Military Spouse at Home

It is difficult to determine the most difficult thing about being the military spouse of someone who is away fighting for his or her country. There is the fear that the loved one will be wounded or worse, the loneliness, and the agony of being separated for long periods of time.

Keeping Kids Busy During Summer Break

Summer is meant for kids to spend time outside in the fresh, warm air. For parents, though, the long, hot summer break with kids at home can be daunting. Don’t get stressed, get creative. Consider those perennial summer favorites: gardening, building a fort and setting up a lemonade stand.

Fun Pool Games for Kids

Swimming is something most kids look forward to on hot summer days. But for hours of fun, variety is what keeps it all going. Kids are inventive, and together they will create their own fun. If they need a little creative push, though, introduce them to these pool games where even the littlest ones can be welcome, happy participants.