Do’s and Don’ts When Installing a Board and Batten Wall


Do’s and Don’ts When Installing a Board and Batten Wall

Adding board and batten to your home is a simple way to customize your space. If you’re contemplating installing a board and batten wall, here are the do’s and don’ts to consider:

The Do’s

  • Work on a smooth surface- Although you may decide to install the board and batten over a textured wall, it is recommended to install over a smooth surface. You will need to use a hardboard and connect it to the wall using nails and construction adhesives.
  • Consider nail to board ratio- 2x4 boards are commonly used in board and batten installation projects. However, you can use boards of different sizes. Keep in mind that if you use a board that is longer or wider than the standard 2x4, you may have to use additional nails to keep the board secured to the wall.
  • Pick a paint color- When picking a paint color for the board and batten, it is important to complement the color of the wall and the color of your baseboards. Most people will stick with colors such as white, black or gray, as they complement most common house colors.

The Don’ts

  • Using multiple installation patterns- While there are so many board and batten tutorials online, it is essential to note that every project is unique. Following multiple installation patterns from different tutorials will leave you confused, and the final product may not be what you wanted. As a result, you may end up spending more money to complete your project.
  • Buying less or the exact quantities of materials needed- It is easy to make mistakes when doing a DIY project, the last thing you want is to make several trips to the store when the project is underway. Buying 20-25% more boards, nails, and other materials will help ensure the installation project runs smoothly without running out of essential supplies and allowing room for a mishap or two.

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