10 Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid


10 Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Since housing markets are competitive, home staging is a critical phase in the home selling process. Besides attracting potential home buyers, staging helps sell your house faster. Here are ten home staging mistakes you should avoid:

  • Starting without a staging plan

Working with a professional home stager is vital because they are highly experienced. A stager is keen on details that would deter potential buyers in the long run. Most professional stagers will help you create a staging plan that will simplify the home selling process.

  • Listing a home before it is ready

The location, price, and condition of a home determine how fast it sells. Therefore, listing a home before it is ready results in low buyer traffic and offers.

  • Failing to take professional photos

Failing to invest in professional photography can be a deal-breaker because real estate is highly visual. Taking professional photos and displaying them on a listing website attracts potential buyers.

  • Covering natural light

Natural light makes a room feel brighter and more spacious. Curtain placement is one of the ways to maximize a room’s natural light, especially when staging a home.

  • Failing to declutter

It is essential to clean and organize your home. Leaving numerous items in a room can turn off potential buyers. Therefore, your home should look, feel, and smell clean before developing a staging plan.

  • Keeping family photos on display

If your home is filled with family photos, make sure you move them before selling your home. Potential buyers want to visualize themselves and their families in a new home.

  • Choosing wrong colors

It is advisable to use neutral colors, such as light grey and creamy white because most home buyers do not want to make changes after moving in.

  • Failing to designate space

Arranging the furniture appropriately can help potential buyers differentiate between different areas of the house such as the kitchen, dining area, and living room. When staging, pay close attention to focal points like mirrors and rugs.

  • Using the wrong furniture size

Wrong size furniture highlights odd features of your home, like the poor layout or narrow room. The furniture used should not be too big or too small.

  • Failing to know your audience

It is essential to prepare and stage your home to attract target buyers. Old carpets and dated furnishing styles might not entice millennials.

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