Tips & Tricks For Moving Into Your New Home


When new home builds are finished, moving in is often a very exciting time for the owners. It can also be a very stressful time considering they’ll be moving all their possessions and needing to figure out how to arrange and store everything properly. Sometimes furniture may not fit as expected, and the organizational system they relied upon in their old home won’t work in the new one, complicating the process even further. Landmark 24 has built many new homes in communities in Georgia and South Carolina, and what to offer helpful tips and tricks that you can use when moving into your next new home.

One bit of important advice for anyone who is considering a move is to plan ahead and to start envisioning where you want to place your larger items and how you’ll maneuver them throughout the home.  Having a plan in place ahead of time will help avoid stress over how you’ll get your large sectional up the stairs or what parts of your entertainment center you’ll need to disassemble to get through the front door. Knowing where things will be placed on the day you move in will get you all settled in your new home sooner.

Once you know your move in date, you should hire a moving service to ensure they have availability for that date and time. You don’t want to risk scrambling to find a mover at the last minute or not taking the time to ensure the moving company you chose has a good reputation and can fulfill all your needs. You also don’t want to risk scrambling to get packing supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts so make sure you have plenty on hand before you start packing. Yardsticks, tape measures, and leveling devices are other useful tools to have when moving in so you can eliminate the guesswork when trying to get your furniture to fit in a space.

When moving into new home builds, owners can often feel like they have to get everything decorated, organized, and done right away. You don’t. Moving is a stressful process, so don’t overexert yourself by trying to get everything set up as quickly as possible. Just like you should have a plan for moving larger furniture items inside your home, you should have a plan for what rooms you want to completely decorate and organize first. This will reduce some of the chaos of unpacking and give everyone a clear objective.

Curious to learn more tips and tricks for moving into your new home? Landmark 24 has years of experience with a variety of new home builds in Georgia and South Carolina and we’ll be eager to share more of these tips along with advice on building your dream home with you. Contact us today!