What is your design style and how to style your home in that style


Your home is a reflection of all that you are, and new home build gives you the opportunity to make every aspect of a house reflect your unique personality and style. But with all the different options available in new home builds, it can be difficult to feel confident about what colors, materials, finishes, and more accurately express your style. Thankfully, Landmark 24 has been part of numerous home builds in Georgia and South Carolina and helped people just like you figure out what their design tastes are and how to style their home in a way that best expresses it.
Figuring out your design style.

You likely already know what color schemes, aesthetics, materials, and finishes you like best, but you may not know what other design elements best compliment them or that there could be an official term for your style is in the world of interior design. There are plenty of quizzes you can find online that can help you figure out your design style and give you ideas on what furniture and décor pieces would fit best in your spaces.

Interior design tips

We always tell our clients of new home builds in Georgia and South Carolina that accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to make your spaces best reflect your design style. Accessorizing with pillows, light fixtures, art pieces, mirrors, and plants will also give your home a designer look.

When designing your home, remember the rule of threes. The rule is simple – a trio of objects is almost always balanced and visually appealing, especially when the objects vary in size and height. Keeping this tip in mind when accessorizing will make it easier to add decor to your ne home.

Curious to learn more design style tips? Take a visit to any of our model homes or browse our online gallery to see their beautifully designed interiors. Also Landmark 24 has years of experience helping people best style their new home builds. Use amazing tools like our online Design Gallery to help make your vision a reality! Your dream home doesn’t have to exist in your mind it can exist in a beautiful Georgia neighborhood! Contact us today to stop dreaming and start building!