3 Stages of Home Construction

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3 Stages of Home Construction

If you already have a clear picture of what your dream home will look like, the next step is to understand the building process – step by step. Knowing what to expect at each construction phase will give you the confidence to engage the right partners to ensure a smooth build process. The home construction process is broken down into three distinctive stages:

1. Pre-construction Process

This is the first stage that involves designing the project, developing a strategic plan, assembling materials and labor, and acquiring the relevant permits for the construction. As a production builder, the team at Landmark 24 Homes has already developed the budget that composes the overall project scope, cost, and timeline required to complete the job on time and within budget. Typically, the pre-construction process helps lay a solid base and coordinate the build to avoid process breakdowns.

2. Construction Process

Once your project is ready to get started, supplies will be ordered so that materials can arrive in time, even for special orders. When the actual construction begins, the team will maintain clear communication with you to ensure the project is executed according to your needs and requirements.

3. Post-construction Process

The post-construction process entails details on how to handle your new home, and it often starts before the project is complete. Your builder will keep you informed to help you understand what to expect during the entire post-construction stage early on. This will allow you to better understand the timeline and how a production home is constructed, ensure every detail is reflected during construction, and understand what your home will look like upon completion.

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