Neighborhood Spotlight: Brunswick & St. Mary's

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Brunswick & St. Mary's

Planning to visit or move to Brunswick or St. Mary’s in Coastal Georgia? If you are interested in the small-town, reserved lifestyle, Brunswick or St. Mary’s should be your go-to communities.

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Although they are small towns, they offer a unique rural lifestyle with fascinating historical attractions and many outdoor recreational facilities. If you have kids, accessibility to playgrounds, parks, and daycare centers makes these towns even more convenient. Here are some of the factors that make Brunswick & St. Mary's desirable:

Low Cost of Living

Besides having great outdoor recreation amenities, Brunswick & St. Mary's are ranked slightly below the national average on the cost of living in terms of childcare, utilities, health, transportation, groceries, and home cost. HomeSnacks ranked Brunswick #522 out of 6,399 of Georgia's most affordable places to live.

The community also provides moderately priced housing options in established neighborhoods, historic homes, and newly built condos. This variety of housing options illustrates that life in these areas is affordable, making them fantastic destinations to live, work, and explore.

Abundant Lifestyle

Brunswick & St. Mary's offers an abundant lifestyle to their residents and visitors. Brunswick is renowned for its outstanding beaches, parks, and historical attractions. St. Mary’s also provides an exclusive getaway to the beautiful Crooked River State Park, Cumberland Island National Seashore, and numerous museums, landmarks, and sights, making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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