Trees and Flowers That Bring Spring Home


Trees and Flowers That Bring Spring Home

The spring season gives you an opportunity to plant beautiful flowers, pack away stuffy winter clothing, and welcome friends and family for an outdoor barbeque. It is no wonder that you wish to keep that spring feeling all year round. Here are some of the best spring plants to consider:

  1. The Cherry Tree

Anyone can identify the cherry tree no matter the season. The cherry trees have soft petals and a fragrant smell. In Spring, the tree prepares to produce the cherry fruit. During its blooming season, you will see the tree scattered with small flowers. Its red cherries provide just the right amount of color without attracting too much attention.

  1. Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud is best known for its pink and purple buds during spring. It has smooth and vibrant bark that becomes grey as it grows older. These plants are considered small and perfect for any landscape since they only grow to approximately 20-30 feet.

  1. The Flowering Dogwood

The flowering dogwood showcases creamy white flowers and can grow to a maximum of 30 feet. Thanks to its fall foliage, special winter branching, and appealing spring flowers, it has a four-season interest. You can plant the flowering dogwood against a dark or brick wall and garden beds.

  1. Viola

Viola flowers are bright, bold, and captivating. You can combine them with other plants for an excellent addition to your landscaping. In addition to their captivating qualities, they are relatively low maintenance.

If you live in a warmer area, you may have to add mulch and extra water to protect the flowers from heat.

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