Kitchen Islands? Yes, Please!

Kitchen Islands.jpg

Kitchen islands continue to be a popular design element of the kitchen/family room area. They come in different sizes, heights and shapes to add functionality and storage, maximizing the use of the space. Here are a few reasons why they work so well.


It’s no secret the kitchen is the gathering spot for most families, even when entertaining. An island is perfect for kids to do homework, have discussions while parents are cooking, or make their own snacks. It’s also a great place for friends and family to hang out while visiting.


An island is a great place to have additional storage. Whether it's cabinetry to store pots and pans, an additional sink, or the place where the dishwasher or other appliances are housed, this is a good way to maximize space and add value.


Have you ever felt like a chef? An island with a cooktop puts you front and center. Consider it a cooking station that frees up counter space everywhere else. The beauty of having a cooktop on the island is that it can be as large as you need it to be, with additional cabinetry and storage all around.

With so many versatile options, islands can be adapted to your needs while complementing your design aesthetics. Varied heights are a big thing, with additional options like countertops made with stone, butcher block, stainless steel, or combinations of different materials.

Landmark 24 Homes offers several plans that capitalize on the convenience of having an island. Spring Willow's kitchen and breakfast area is equipped with a large island, tons of counter space, a spacious pantry, and a built-in desk. The Austin plan also has a large, counter-height island with lots of counter space and a pantry.

Landmark 24 Homes incorporates bars and islands into many of the floorplans. For more information on islands and features in our kitchen and family room spaces, explore our home plans today!