Tips to Organize Your Home for a Successful Back-to-School Transition


It’s an exciting but hectic time with students getting ready to head back to school. From the morning rush to doing homework, having the right spaces to keep stress down and everyone on task is essential. Keep things in order and encourage productivity with these home organization tips:

Organized Entryways

Whether you come in through the front door or garage, your entryway should be an area that is attractive, yet functional. A bench or cabinets that can store (and hide) jackets, shoes, backpacks, and other items will help the family to easily find all their morning essentials.

Homework Stations

Creating spaces where the kids can do their homework and be monitored keeps them on task while not feeling like they are isolated. This could be something simple, like a nook or table in the family room/kitchen area outfitted with baskets to hold all the supplies they need. Add a laptop or desktop computer and you’re good to go!

Organized Laundry

The laundry area can seem like a war zone, quickly getting congested from the week's activities. Make things easy for the entire family by having designated hampers or baskets organized by how they are washed. This helps everyone do their part while saving time by not having to sort clothes. An additional tip: Give each person a dedicated basket where their clothes can be placed after being washed, so they take on the responsibility of putting them away.

Bedroom Storage Systems

Let’s face it – things accumulate quickly for children and adults alike. Having organized systems in place to store and find what you need can alleviate stress and add order to your life. Add a closet storage system that’s well lit to help find clothing, and create a process so that items can be hung or laid out for the entire week to just grab and go.

Are you wondering how you’re going to organize your back-to-school lives? Our Southport IV plan is a great example of an efficiently laid-out laundry/mudroom to keep things clean while helping add order to your routine. Landmark 24 Homes creates spaces that help make organization easy. For more information, take a virtual tour now!