Ready for Fall? Here Are Some Out-of-the-Box Ideas!

Ready for fall.jpg

The autumn season brings crisp, chilly weather, falling colorful leaves, and an opportunity to do a variety of fall activities with your loved ones. Instead of sticking to traditional pumpkin and apple picking, try some of these fun activities before the season is over.

  1. Visit a Haunted House

In October, fall is in full season, and so is Halloween! This fall, take your family to visit a historic, haunted site. Not only is this a fun vacation getaway, but also an opportunity to learn history and explore your spooky side.

  1. Help at a Homeless Shelter

Autumn  is known for the changing trees and also for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to celebrate with loved ones. To help those less fortunate, volunteer with your family to help veterans, children, and other residents at homeless shelters. You can even make your own food drive and donate canned goods, home-baked pastries, clothing, and anything else to help others feel the spirit of Thanksgiving.

  1. Visit a Hay Ride

A hay ride is one of the most memorable fall-themed events you can participate in. There are a variety of hayride themes, such as haunted, farm, horse-drawn, and everything in between! People of all ages will love these enjoyable rides this season.

  1. Make Fall Floral Arrangements

Fall has unique colors in its palette, including dark orange, maroon and brown, and of course black and white. To celebrate autumn and help decorate your home, make a floral arrangement using all the fall colors in a bouquet! You can pick your own flowers, or get the help of a florist to fill vases and place them around and even in front of your home.

  1. Go to a Fall Festival

There are many fall festivals around that celebrate this wonderful season. From farmers markets offering seasonal veggies to spooky festivals, the possibilities are endless. Make memories with your family at a festival this year.

Take Advantage of the Season

Autumn is a beautiful season. To make the most of it, try the above activities, and also check out Landmark 24 communities like Brookhaven in the Highlands and to tour its two model homes like the Richmond and the Pinehurst II either in person or go online for a virtual tour. Find your dream home today before the last leaves fall.