Is Your Home Office Ergonomically Efficient? Set Yourself Up for Wellness

Home Office Ergonomic.jpg

If you work from home, moving from a lap desk to a functional home office can enhance your productivity and benefit your mind and body. The worst thing you can do is continuously work in spaces that can add stress on your body.

Knowing how to create ergonomically efficient areas is more beneficial than you think.  Here are a few tips:

Start With the Chair

The right chair provides all the support you need to comfortably work when you need to. Pay attention to the height, whether it tilts or reclines, has armrests, lumbar support, and breathable material.

Consider Desk Height

Make sure your desk keeps your legs comfortable and is not too high or too low. Your arms should be able to rest on the desk. Good ergonomic desks are adjustable to accommodate working while sitting or standing.

Don't Overlook Monitor and Keyboard

Most people don’t realize how important this is. The distance, height, and angle of the monitor should allow you to view the screen at eye level without slouching or eye strain. Ergonomic keyboards are helpful for those using desktop computers. People who use laptops can get a laptop stand to get the monitor and keyboard at the right height.

Select Proper Lighting

Lighting is also a key factor in creating good ergonomic energy. The right light will prevent squinting and putting strain on the eyes. Make sure it isn’t too dim or too harsh. Natural light and natural light bulbs can alleviate these issues.

The spacious Southport IV has a few areas where work can be done, but its dedicated study is the perfect place to create an ergonomic space that’s all yours. This home features a split bedroom plan with three on one side and the master suite on the other, a kitchen nook area with tons of storage, a covered porch, laundry room and three-car garage.

When you have a dedicated space to work, it can provide peace of mind. Many of the Landmark 24 Homes floor plans include flex spaces, dining area or an additional bedroom that can become separate home office. Take a look at the Chesapeake II, this spacious two story home is over 3000 sq ft and has the option of 4 bedrooms and a large loft are upstairs, and dining room that can serve as an office or den area. Find out more, and turn your plan for an ergonomically efficient home workspace into reality.