Trees and Plants That Will Add Color to Your Fall and Winter Gardens

autumn garden.jpg

As the seasons change, so do the colors of the scenery surrounding you. The cooler weather may be stealing some of the beauty from your spring and summer flowers and flowering bushes, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a boring landscape! Instead, bring vibrancy and seasonal zest to your home garden. These Georgia-friendly flora ideas are sure to astonish.

Feel Festive With Fall Flowers

There is no need to sacrifice color as the seasons change. From stunning purples to bright yellows, your landscaping will conjure feelings of fall-time festivities.

With a color palette that melds well with other plants of the season, your autumn garden can be tailored to your preferences. Try a combination such as chrysanthemums and aster — both flowers come in a wide range of colors. And, when it is time to display the pumpkin and other fall-time decorations, they will perfectly complement your immaculate garden.

Take Your Garden to the Next Level With Some Trees

Trees are a great ornamental option for a front or back yard. An excellent choice for a long-term home fixture, there are a wide variety of trees that can help turn a house into a home. You can plant a tree to commemorate an important person or event in your life, and watch it grow alongside your family.

Celebrate milestones in life as your garden flourishes and transforms with the seasons. Sweet birch and redbud trees offer great seasonal color, giving your family an experience to look forward to.

Make the Most of Your Meadow

If you prefer practicality over aesthetics, there are many plants that will provide function and utility. Kale and cabbage plants are great choices for cultivating a garden that provides nourishment and beauty.

Sassafras not only smells great, but it also acts as a natural repellent for mosquitoes. Other trees, like witch hazel, beautifully pair with other trees to create a breath-taking sight.

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