Warm Up Your Patio With These Ideas

Warm Up Your Patio.jpg

The patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors during much of the year. While you may plan to move indoors when the temperature drops, here are several ways that you can warm up the space so that it is usable for more months of the year.

Bring the Heat

What better way to warm up your outdoor space than with a fun and functional fire pit? Whether building it yourself or buying a ready-made fire pit, it's a great option for cozying up with family around a roaring fire.

Another way to incorporate heat into your patio is with an outdoor fireplace. These work just as indoor fireplaces do, and they have a chimney of their own. These are often made with brick or stacked stone, and they can be lovely additions to a patio.

In Hot Water

A luxurious way to warm up your outdoor space is by adding a hot tub to the patio. These make it extra pleasant to be outdoors no matter what the weather is like. These are great for families as well as for get-togethers with friends. Few people will say no to spending time in a hot tub.

Warm the Space

Outdoor space heaters come in many different shapes, heights and sizes. Some of these heaters run on propane while others are electric. Placing a couple of these in strategic locations around the patio can warm up everyone who spends time there.

New Home Plans

If you like spending time outdoors on a patio, Landmark 24 Homes has a number of new home plans available in communities such as Wexford in Richmond Hill, Ga. Many of these homes, like the Chesapeake II and Spring Willow plans, have the option of being built with large patios and covered porches that can potentially be enclosed and decorated for maximizing comfort and quality family time.