Increase Positive Energy in Your Landmark 24 Home Using Feng Shui


Originating from China, feng shui is a popular practice where the pieces in your living spaces are arranged to bring balance and harmony between people and their environments. It’s believed that feng shui can bring good energy into those spaces, helping you feel lighter, more energized, motivated, and satisfied.

There are certain rooms in the home that can directly benefit from using feng shui:

Front Door Entryway

Entering through the front door provides good energy because it’s the main entrance into the home, often opening up to the living room. While going through the garage can be convenient, it’s always a good thing to use the front door at least once a week. Putting a light or plant on the side of the door also promotes the entrance of positive energy.


Adding greenery to your kitchen invites vitality and energy, even if they are artificial plants. This space promotes nourishment for the body and harmony in relationships. Additionally, great lighting helps transform the energy within the space. Avoid black and red colors.

Living Room

The furniture should not overpower the room. Do not block any doors with furniture and the main sofa should be against a wall to provide support. Place a lamp diagonally from the door to activate wealth energy.

Dining Room

This space relates to the element of Earth and deals with digestion. Make sure a mirror is on the wall reflecting the dining table, and have flowers on the table to get the greatest form of energy.


The bedroom is one of the main places where feng shui takes center stage. Covering the television to keep things calm when not in use and making sure your bed has room on both sides for movement keeps the balance. Having symmetrical furniture also adds to balance.


Keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet top down. Plants should also be in this area to avoid the flow of wealth draining away.


Many of Landmark 24 home plans have plenty of space that allow for feng shui-friendly layouts. Take a look at the plans available in Fairways Edge in Kingsland, Georgia, or a move-in-ready home in the Carriage Gate Plantation community in Brunswick, Georgia. Adding your newly discovered feng shui tips can increase the positive flow of your spaces in your Landmark 24 Home.