The Top Bathroom Trends for 2021


What should a homeowner expect from a modern bathroom this year? Read on to discover 2021 bathroom decor and style trends from some of the world's leading experts.

The Natural Look

Natural materials and colors are trending for overall home decor this year, so it's not surprising that designers are looking for ways to bring nature into the bathroom as well.

Engineered wood with an authentic feel and look, large Crittall windows, and earth tones for the walls and floors will turn any bathroom into a relaxing spa where you can relax and meditate as you take a break from a long day's work. Homeowners can add to the natural ambiance by bringing in plants and/or wicker furnishings.

Bold Color Schemes and Patterns

If you like bold colors and patterns, this year's bathroom trends are sure to suit your fancy. Designers are bringing in animal prints, dots, dashes, and graphic wallpaper to create a luxurious, vibrant atmosphere. 

If attention-grabbing patterns aren't for you, consider solid, bold colors. Trending options include navy blue, orange, dark green, stone blue, dark gray, or even black.

Luxurious Lighting

Luxurious lighting is adding class and elegance to bathrooms this year. A grand chandelier is an ideal option for any bathroom that has a high ceiling. Alternatively, pendant lighting can be installed throughout the bathroom to create a modern yet classy appearance. 

If these lighting options aren't suitable for your bathroom, don't despair. Even oversized floor lamps can add elegance to what is otherwise a plain, humble room.

Modern Technology

Homeowners may be nostalgic for classic styles, but that doesn't mean they want an old-fashioned bathroom. Modern technology offers many amenities you'll want to take full advantage of, including:

  • Smart toilets and bidets
  • Heated flooring and towel racks
  • De-misting mirrors
  • Integrated charging and USB ports
  • LED temperature displays
  • Automatic hand-wipe sensors

Getting Started

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