What Your Front Door Color Says About You


Southern hospitality is famous, and many homes feature large porches with decorative front doors stamped with the homeowner's personality. If your front door is your welcome sign, what does it say about you? Many homeowners choose doors that let in the light and add screen doors to keep mosquitoes out while enjoying the cool summer breeze.

Considerations for Door Styles

There are many functional and aesthetic considerations for different door styles:

  • Include a transom and sidelights in the design to create an impressive facade and let in natural light. 
  • Double doors in steel, wood or fiberglass create an impressive front door combo. On the practical side, you can move bulky items in and out of the house easily with double doors. 
  • Classic doors have raised panels and may include glass scrollwork and colored panes.
  • Craftsman-style doors feature clean lines and Shaker-inspired panels.
  • Arched doors or doors topped by arched windows fit the look of rustic, Craftsman and traditional homes. 
  • Modern doors often feature sleek lines and minimal decorative features.

What Your Door Color Says About You

You can select a door color that mirrors your outlook or inspires you to change it. Choose a color that matches your home's exterior or that provides an interesting contrast. Here is what the color of your front door says about the people behind it:

  • Red: A bright red door exudes confidence and vibrancy. It welcomes guests in a magnificent fashion. 
  • Green: This color represents nature, balance, peace and renewal. Owners of green doors are community-minded and compassionate. 
  • Blue: Reflect positive energy, peace, and abundance with a blue door. 
  • White: This color represents purity, and homeowners who choose it tend to value serenity, organization and cleanliness. 
  • Black: Black doors signify control and order. Those who choose black doors tend to be elegant and reserved. 
  • Yellow: Lend clarity and understanding to your household with a yellow front door that exudes curiosity, confidence and humor. 
  • Orange: This color indicates that the homeowners like to entertain and thrive on challenges. 
  • Purple: Behind a purple door, guests may find residents who enjoy taking risks. Purple represents opportunities. 
  • Brown: To project a stable, reliable home, paint the front door in an organic brown hue. 

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