Remodeling to Create the Ultimate Master Suite? Here’s What Should Be on Your List


Buying the home of your dreams doesn't mean that you won't have some work to do when you first move in. Customizing the master suite will likely be at the top of your list as you create a comfortable, convenient spot where you can sleep, get dressed, relax, read and/or work on a hobby. 

Are you wondering how to modify the master suite to suit your needs? Here are some tips from the experts to get you started on the right path.

Two Are Better Than One

If you're part of a couple, it's a good idea to add double features that will make life easy for you and your partner. These include:

  • A double walk-in closet to make it easy to keep clothes, shoes, and accessories organized
  • A double vanity in the master suite bathroom so you can both get ready for work (or a night out on the town) at the same time
  • Dual shower heads, so each person can enjoy that great shower

Create a Sitting Area

If you need a quiet place to work and relax but don't want to crawl under the covers, a sitting area in your room can be a great option. This spot can also be ideal if you want to have an intimate conversation with your significant other or simply kick back together and watch a favorite movie. 

Alternatively, your sitting area could double as a home office, or a place to work on your favorite hobbies. Add a desk or worktable, make sure you have sufficient lighting, and you're all set. 

Choose a Color With Care

The overall style of decor in your home will have a bearing on what color you pick for your master bedroom. Even so, take some time to consider the following colors and color combinations to see if one of these options would suit your needs.

  • White is great for a room that is meant to have a simple yet classy style of decor. As an added benefit, it brightens up a room, giving it a spacious appearance.
  • Warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red can give a room a vibrant, energetic feel and ambiance. 
  • Cool colors and color combinations give a room a relaxed feel. Great options include lilac, light blue, light gray, and pale green. 
  • Blue and gray give a room a fresh feel that you can build on with plenty of plants and other natural features.

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