Planting a Butterfly Garden? Here are Some Tips

butterfly garden.jpg

Outdoor enthusiasts of all ages love the flutter of happiness brought by butterflies. Excite and delight your loved ones this summer by adding a butterfly garden to your yard space with these quick tips. 

1. Create a place to hydrate. 

Butterflies get water and vital nutrients from muddy puddles. You'll need to create small pooling stations where butterflies can enjoy stopping for a drink. In a shallow dish, combine dirt, sand, or pebbles with water, and refill frequently. 

2. Choose the right flowers. 

There are two different types of plants you'll want to consider to attract butterflies. Host plants provide a safe area for butterflies to lay their eggs, and nectar plants provide food for butterflies. Host plants also provide food for caterpillars after they hatch. 

Different butterflies have different nectar preferences, so you may want to do some research if you want to attract a specific type of butterfly. 

3. Create a place to rest. 

To grow flowers, your butterfly garden will need to get plenty of sun. You may also want to create a place where they can take refuge from the heat and harsh weather. Your shelter can be as fancy or plain as you like — a simple wooden box with an opening large enough for butterflies to come and go will get the job done. 

4. Forget the pesticides. 

Butterflies will be enjoying nectar from your plants and water mixed with your soil, so you don't want to taint your garden with pesticides. Instead, try planting plants that keep pests away from your garden. 

5. Give butterflies a place to warm up. 

Set up some large, flat rocks in your garden to provide butterflies with a comfortable place to soak up the sun when the air temperature dips. 

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