Father’s Day Ideas That Are Certain to Make Him Smile

Father's day.jpg

Your dad has always been there for you — make this Father's Day one that he'll never forget. Check out these fun and fresh ideas for making the most of his special day. 

Re-create his favorite restaurant meal at home. 

You likely know exactly what your dad likes to eat at his favorite restaurant. While going out to dinner can be fun, you can also re-create his favorite foods at home, with a handmade touch. Your dad will love the comfort of being able to relax with the family while also enjoying a dish that he loves. If your dad loves to cook, be sure to ask him to join in on the fun in the kitchen. 

Enjoy one of his favorite activities. 

It's likely that your dad's favorite part of Father's Day is simply getting to spend time with his kids. Whatever your dad's favorite activity — gardening, fishing, hiking, or kicking back and enjoying sports on TV — carve out some time to do it with him. Bonus points if you invite your siblings to join in. 

Try a new adventure. 

Does your dad love spiking his adrenaline? Take him out to do something fun and new, like go-karting, paintballing, or even skydiving! If you're not sure whether your dad would be up for one of these activities, bring it up in conversation and check out his reaction. 

Re-create childhood fun. 

Think about some of the things you enjoyed doing with your dad as a kid. Did you spend hours riding roller coasters at the amusement park? Did you enjoy summer afternoons hitting balls at the batting cages? Re-creating one of these special memories can show your dad just how much you treasure the time you've spent together over the years. 

Far from home? Find new ways to connect. 

Whether you're still isolated from your parents due to COVID-19 or you simply aren't able to make the trip to see your dad for Father's Day, it can be fun to find other ways to connect. A Zoom meeting, a Facetime with you and the grandkids, or even sending a care package of all your dad's favorite snacks can let him know you care.