Eight Must-Have Options for Your New Dream Home

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What constitutes a "perfect" home? There is no right answer to this question as each family has its own unique needs and wishes. Even so, these must-have options are sure to make life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable for just about any homeowner.

Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings add class to just about any room of the home. What's more, there are many pattern and style options to pick from. Ornate designs are great for elegant homes, while simple yet classy designs are ideal for homes with a modern style of decor.

A Theater Room

As many people discovered during the COVID-19 lockdowns, it's important to have great entertainment amenities right at home. A theater room provides a comfortable, convenient place to kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. As an added benefit, it also adds value to your home.

Wrap-Around Porch

An outdoor porch gives your home extra space, allows you to enjoy nature to the fullest, and can even make it easy for you to get around your new home. What's more, it’s an aesthetic addition to just about any house.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends, an outdoor kitchen is sure to be a useful and fun addition to your home. Consider the options and pick one that's a good fit for your family and budget.

Covered Patio

Would you like to enjoy nature's beauty no matter the weather? If so, a covered patio is sure to please. You can even have the area fully enclosed and then use the extra space as a laundry room, storage area, or playroom for the kids.

Gourmet Kitchen

When planning your kitchen layout, don't settle for anything less than the best. A double oven, stainless steel or natural stone countertop, electrical outlets in drawers and under cupboards, walk-in pantries, and other amenities make it easy to stay organized as you enjoy cooking to the full.

His and Hers Walk-in Closet

Would you like to avoid wasting time looking for misplaced items, or trying to figure out where to store new clothes and shoes? If so, a his-and-hers walk-in closet is sure to be a welcome addition to your master bedroom.

Double Vanity in the Master Suite

A double vanity, like a his-and-hers closet, makes it easy for a couple to stay organized and get ready for work at the same time. These are available in a plethora of sizes and styles, making it easy to select one that's a good match for your master bathroom.

If you want to buy a new home for your growing family or downsize to a smaller space upon retirement, Landmark 24 offers ready-made homes that can be customized to suit your needs. Check out our offerings or get in touch at your convenience for an in-person tour.