Interior Lighting Choices for Every Room in Your Home

Interior Lighting.jpg

Your home’s aesthetics doesn’t really come together until you add lighting. Your choices help finish the story you tell with décor. Lighting showcases style and creativity while creating ambiance in every room. There are different types of lighting to enhance each room while retaining its functionality.

Here are a few tips to consider:


The kitchen may have a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting spaces. When preparing food, bright light is required to see properly. A good, overhead fluorescent or LED light that can also serve as natural light will work well. The kitchen is also one of the most used spaces in the home, so having ambient lighting for gatherings, or providing inconspicuous light under the counters or cabinets, handles every scenario and makes sense.

Dining Room

Dining rooms command statement pieces that are still functional. The light should be bright enough to see but dimmable to change the atmosphere. These spaces may be used every day, but in most cases, they are used for special occasions. Chandeliers that give off great overhead light, with dimmable features to change the ambiance, work well.

Living Room

Just like the kitchen, the living room is a centralized meeting space. There should be a combination of natural light and other types of light to accommodate the current activity. Wall sconces, dimmable light switches and task lamps can add variety while serving their respective purposes.


The bathroom should have lighting that reflects natural daylight to avoid shadows. You can also have task lighting like sconces to add balance.

There are many different types of lamps and overhead lights to fulfill all your needs in every room. Landmark 24 communities have new move-in-ready homes  that include the option to add ambient and overhead lighting to complement your décor, and beautiful landscaping that can be easily styled