What are the Most Popular Home Styles in the South?


Do you live in the Southern United States, or are you planning on moving there? If so, there are some amazing home styles you won't want to miss out on when shopping for your new home.

Plantation Homes

A mix of French colonial and neoclassical architecture give plantation homes a luxurious, symmetrical appearance. These homes are typically spacious and have a large front porch and balcony that is perfect for entertaining guests. 

Charleston Homes

These space-efficient homes are ideal for small plots of land. Charleston homes typically have narrow rooms, but many modern homes built in this style may use an open floor plan. These homes also have spacious covered porches that are not only classy but also relatively cool during the hot summer months. 

Cottage Homes

There are several styles of cottage homes commonly found in the Southern United States:

  • English cottages are asymmetrical and have a pitched roof and an arched or half-round door. These cozy homes are typically made using wood, brick, and stone. 
  • Lowcountry cottage homes are commonly found near the ocean and in areas prone to flooding. These raised homes are simple in style and typically have wrap-around porches, large foyers and a side-gabled roof.
  • Beach cottages are typically sturdy brick structures featuring a large front porch, tapered columns, and a low-pitched roof. Unlike typical cottages, these homes tend to be large and spacious. 

Coastal Beach Homes

Coastal beach homes are unique because they borrow a bit from all the above-mentioned Southern home styles. They're raised to offer protection from flooding, tend to have a large front porch and are often rectangular in shape. Southern beach homes in coastal areas may also integrate modern architectural designs to create a home that suits today's needs while retaining a classy, old-fashioned appearance. 

The South is the place to go if you value an ornate home exterior; large, wrap-around porches; spacious entryways and foyers; and pastel paint colors. There are so many beautiful home styles to pick from that you're certain to find a house that suits your exact tastes and budget.

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