Exterior Home Design Trends for 2021 You Won't Want to Miss


Would you like a comfortable yet stylish home that you're proud to call your own? If so, consider the top home design trends for 2021. These styles are sure to inspire you as you work to find or create the home of your dreams.

Trending Exterior Paint Colors

Bright, vibrant colors are out. Soothing, natural colors are in. Home exterior paint colors that are trending this year include:

  • Creamy white
  • Warm shades of gray
  • Sage
  • Deep ocean

Contrasting colors on siding, windowpanes, and garage doors are also trending this year. Popular combinations include white walls with black doors and siding; deep ocean walls with white siding and doors; and gray home exteriors with black doors and siding. 

Modern Windows

Natural light is trending this year. Adding windows to your home not only helps you save on electricity but can also boost your home's value. As an added benefit, you'll get to enjoy the view of your garden more than ever before. 

Square, rectangular, and straight-lined windows are trending and will likely be popular for the foreseeable future. Unlike arched windows, they give a home a modern look and feel. Choose energy-efficient windows to stay comfortable and minimize energy bills year-round.

Pergolas and Outdoor Porches

A pergola provides a shady outdoor area where you can sit and relax or hang out with friends. It's a trendy addition to just about any home, especially if you select a renovator who can ensure the new addition matches well with the home's original architectural design and style of decor.

Wood Accents

Wood has always been a popular home building material, and that's unlikely to change in the coming year. Wood not only compliments your home's exterior but also gives the house a natural feel and ambiance. Popular wood accents include:

  • Wood columns
  • Wooden front doors
  • Wood sliding doors
  • Wood garage doors
  • Wood fences

Varnish the wood instead of painting it if you'd like a warm home exterior. If you do opt to paint the wood, trending colors include white, black, and dark brown.

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