Popular Color Combinations for the Interior of Your New Home


There really is no "wrong" color combination for the interior of your new home. It's your space, and you should paint it just how you want it. However, if you're short on ideas, the following color schemes can help you get started.

Red, White, and Brown

Red is a vibrant, energetic color. That's why it looks so good on kitchen and dining room walls, paired with white cupboards and natural wood flooring. The combination creates a perfect balance between vibrancy and a soothing, relaxed atmosphere.

Light Gray with Mint Green

A light, silvery gray that isn't too metallic in color goes well with mint green. The combination creates a natural feel in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen. As an added benefit, light colors reflect heat instead of absorbing it; what's more, they make small areas seem more spacious.

Taupe and White

Taupe (gray with a tinge of brown) goes well with white, creating a classy yet neutral atmosphere that is ideal for homes with more colorful accent furnishings and decorations. This combination works well in any style of home and with any type of home decor. 

Peach and Black

Would you like a color scheme that's a bit out of the ordinary, yet not too radical? If so, a room with peach walls combined with black tile flooring, black window frames, and/or black kitchen cupboards is sure to suit your fancy. The finished product is a classy room that is vibrant but not too ostentatious.

Spring Green and Light Pink

This color combination is both lively and easy on the eyes. The colors complement each other to create a natural atmosphere that’s ideal for any bedroom, bathroom, or laundry area.

Orange and White

Orange stands out, giving a room life and energy. It works well with white to create a bright, happy atmosphere. Paint a single accent wall a bright shade of orange while painting the other walls white for a lively living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

Would you like to get to know even more options? If so, the experienced design team at Landmark 24 Homes can work with you to create the perfect color combination for your home. We want to help you create the perfect color scheme so you can enjoy to the fullest all of your home’s unique spaces.