Tried and Proven Ways to Transform Your Mudroom


Are you tired of walking into a wet, dirty, disorganized mudroom every time you enter your home? If so, check out the following tips for creating a charming entryway into the house.

Beautify the Floor 

Peel and stick tiles make it easy to create a chic mudroom that is easy to clean. Pick a pattern that doesn't show dirt easily and that matches well with your home's style of decor. As an added benefit, tile flooring is easier to clean than a rug.

Use Up the Wall Space

Use all of your wall space to its full potential. You can do this by:

  • Putting up hooks to hang coats, umbrellas, hats, purses, and other items
  • Putting in wall shelves to display plants and/or other decorative items
  • Hanging up a key hanger and a handy mail organizer so you can find your mail and keys easily
  • Putting in a mirror to give the room a bright, spacious appearance

Create Aesthetic Shoe Storage Space

Your mudroom is an ideal place to store your shoes. However, that doesn't mean your shoes need to be on display for everyone who enters your home to see. A cubby holder with storage baskets or a storage bench will make it easy for you to keep your shoes handy and out of sight.

Maximize Your Closet Storage Space

Do you have a storage closet in your entryway? If so, maximize the space by adding a hanger rod, hooks, small shelves, storage containers, hanging organizers, or anything else you need to keep items clean and organized. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to improve a mudroom storage closet, so consider your needs and wishes, and adapt your closet so it works for you and your family.

Get Started on the Right Foot

Would you like to live in a home with a convenient, spacious mudroom with ample storage space? If so, a Landmark24 home may be just right for you. We offer homes in various sizes and price points throughout southeastern Georgia, making it easy for you to select the house that best suits your needs and budget. Check out our inventory options or get in touch with us to start the process of moving into the home of your dreams.