Here’s Your Guide to Finding a Floor Plan That’s Right for Your Family


One advantage of buying a new home is that you can choose to add certain features to meet your exact needs. Following are some floor plans by Landmark 24 Homes and ideas you'll want to consider, as well as some advice on how to pick the one that's the best fit for your family.

Open Concept

Open-concept floor plans offer plenty of natural light and ample room for children to play and do activities. They're also a great way to keep everyone in one central space, especially for those who enjoy having family and friends over on a regular basis. However, they're not the best option for those who need a quiet living room area to work or relax.

The popular Roxboro and Brookdale plans are single story, ranch-styles plans that seamlessly incorporate the open-concept layout, while providing privacy in the secondary living area of the home.

Formal Dining Room

Formal dining rooms are usually separate from the kitchen. Keeping these rooms stops kitchen odors from permeating the entire home. It also prevents guests from seeing a messy kitchen when they walk in the door. They are great for entertaining, especially for holiday dinners and formal events.

On the other hand, an enclosed kitchen means you'll miss out on the homey atmosphere and the company of family members and friends while you prepare food. You also won't be able to supervise young children in the adjoining room.

Looking for a home with a formal dining room? Take a look a the Spring Mountain II or the Richmond. Both homes are perfect for entertaining by offering the perfect dining space just steps away from the kitchen and the less-formal family room.

Two-Story Homes

Two-story homes offer extra space without having to purchase extra land. Such homes are ideal for families that need lots of room to grow. On the other hand, they can be unsuitable for elderly individuals who often have a hard time navigating the stairs.

If you do select a two-story floor plan, think about which rooms you'll put on the second floor. For instance, a second-floor laundry area next to the master bedroom and child's bedroom can be a boon to busy parents who would rather not lug clothes up and down stairs. 

Speaking of laundry on the second floor, Landmark 24 Homes offers this as a standard feature in many of its plans, however the versatile Chesapeake II and roomy Colleton II plans have the option of choosing a laundry on either the first or second floor, or both!

Finished Room Over Garage

A finished room over the garage adds space and privacy to your home. It's great if you need a quiet office, extra guest room, or some storage space. Such a room can also add value to your home.

Sadly, some jurisdictions have regulations that make building a finished room over the garage unrealistic. Make sure your builder knows local laws to avoid running into problems.

Fortunately, many of the areas that Landmark 24 Homes build in allow finished rooms over the garage.  Consider the classic Charleston II plan that comes standard with the room over the garage complete with the full bath, and the Blue Heron plan that allows for the option of the bonus space with a full bath over the garage.  

In short, there is no single floor plan that's better than all others. When looking for a home, consider your current situation and lifestyle needs, long-term plans, budget, and other factors to make sure your new home design will meet your present and future needs.

Landmark 24 Homes offers a wide range of floor plans in various price points, and we work with you to add custom features to create the home of your dreams at a cost you can afford. Contact us to check out the options and start the process of building your new home.