Decorating Your Home With a Coastal Theme

coastal theme house.jpg

Living by the beach is great, but you don't have to move to the seaside to bring the beauty of the coast into your home. Here are some great ways to create a coastal ambiance to suit your tastes.

Pay Attention to the Small Accessories

Even small accessories make a big difference. A seaside-themed wreath on the front door and sea-themed table decorations can go a long way.

Wall pictures also help set the tone. Some options include underwater wildlife, ships, and a beachfront with sand, shells, and an inviting hammock.

Choose the Right Wall Colors

White and dark blue is the color scheme of choice if you want to give a room a nautical feel. If your home is small, and you prefer to keep walls white, use dark blue couches, towels, blankets, and/or rugs for contrast. Light blue and white is a good coastal combination if you want a home with a bright feel and ample natural light.

Ocean-themed wallpaper is yet another good alternative. It lasts longer than paint and moisture-resistant varieties can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Floors and Furnishing Materials

Whitewashed wood flooring is an ideal option for any room or home with a coastal theme. If you actually live by the coast, porcelain plank flooring may be your best bet as it can hold up to extensive wear and tear from sand and salt in the air.

Rattan and wicker furnishings can help you create the relaxed atmosphere you'd find at a beachside cottage. Brass furnishings are great if you want your home interior to look like the interior of a ship.

Don't Forget the Yard

Bring a bit of the beach into your neighborhood with a coastal theme front and/or back yard. A hammock is great if you have a place to put it up. A fish mailbox and yard sign are a great extra touch.

In the right climate, palm trees are perfect for the front yard. Beach grass, beach roses, and lantana are yet other good plant options.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate a coastal theme in to your home, take a look at the 3D virtual tours of our Richmond Model Home in Brookhaven and the Blue Heron Model Home in Herb River. The interior design of both of these award willing models are the a perfect mix of the contemporary coastal and warm southern charm.

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