Do You Love Wreaths? You’ll be Inspired by These Summer-Themed Ideas


Wreaths have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans made them to signal one's status and achievements. The early Christians made them as a symbol of everlasting life.

These decorative circles are now used as a great door adornment, beautifying the front yard for homeowners of all ages and walks of life. If you think one would be a good fit for your home, the following ideas can help you pick a design that will suit your tastes.

Live Floral Wreaths

There's nothing quite like a wreath with live flowers. As the flowers bloom, the scent will permeate your front porch, creating a delightful ambiance any visitor is sure to enjoy.

You can either buy a living wreath or make one at home. If you make your own, be sure your chosen flowers can handle the climate and plenty of shade. Take the wreath down once a day to water it and let it sit for a few minutes before you hang it up again.

Seaside Wreaths

Bring the vibrant beauty of the beach to your doorstep with a seaside-themed wreath. These are typically made using grass or twigs combined with shells, starfish, and sand dollars, and are ideal for any home with a casual style of decor.

Faux Lemon Wreath

If you enjoy bright, vibrant colors, this wreath is sure to please. It is typically made from artificial green leaves combined with faux lemons and is sure to give your home exterior a cheery ambiance.

Herbal Wreaths

If you're looking for a subdued yet colorful wreath to beautify your front door this fall, an herbal wreath may be right up your alley. These can be made using lavender, rosemary, sage, and other components and are available for purchase in various sizes and styles.

Herbal leaves made using a single herb are classy yet subdued, making them an ideal option for a front door that's not meant to be overly ostentatious. On the other hand, a thick wreath made using a combination of multiple herbs is sure to be an attention-grabber that matches well with both elegant and casual styles of decor.

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