Spring Clean Your Garage Like a Pro


Spring cleaning the garage doesn't have to take days or weeks. Here are some tips that can help you clean and organize the garage quickly and efficiently.

Get Rid of Clutter

Deciding what to keep and what to dump is time-consuming. Simplify your task by setting some rules for yourself:

  • Anything that hasn't been used in a year or two should get the boot. If the items are in good condition, you can give them away, sell them, or donate them to charity.
  • Any expired chemicals should be disposed of properly.
  • All broken and damaged items should be disposed of properly.
    (Check your community’s recycling program for instructions on how to dispose of chemicals, electronics, etc.)

Invest in Organizational Tools

Once you know what you're keeping, it's time to invest in organizational tools to store needed items. Here are a few that are well worth considering:

  • Pegboards. Pegboards are ideal for any garage with limited space. You can hang tools, wires, and even wall shelves on these handy boards.
  • Garage storage shelves. Garage shelves come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Pick some that suit your needs, allowing extra storage space for items you may accumulate over the years.
  • Plastic storage bins. Never use cardboard boxes for garage storage. Humidity will cause mold and mildew damage to your valuable belongings. Pests will get into your stored items. 

Separate and Store Your Belongings

Now that you know what you're keeping, it's time to separate items into categories and decide where items will be stored.

  • Items that you use all the time should be easily accessible. Seasonal items can be placed in sealed plastic boxes on top shelves.
  • If you have kids or pets at home, make sure dangerous items such as chemicals, paints, rat poison, etc. are stored out of reach.
  • Label all storage containers. That way, you can see what's in each container without having to open and unpack it.

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