Easy, Budget-Friendly Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal


You don't have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in home improvements to dramatically increase curb appeal and value. The right small modifications can offer an outsized return on investment. If you're selling an old home to buy a new home, or simply looking for ways to boost your home’s ambiance and appearance, these budget-friendly renovations are for you.

Pay Attention to the Front Door

Is your door handle appealing? Does it match the home's overall style of decor? What about the peephole?

If you've lived in your home for many years, you probably don't even notice these small bits of hardware. However, a potential buyer will see them. If these items are old or outdated in style, now is a great time to replace them.

You may also want to consider giving your front door a new coat of paint. Consider current trends, making sure your color choices match well with the neighborhood's style. Then pick the color that's the best option for your home. 

Tend the Yard and Garden

Mow the grass. Pull up weeds in the flower beds. Buy a couple of potted plants to put on either side of the front door. Set up a bird feeder in your front yard. These small modifications won't strain your budget but will greatly increase curb appeal by giving your home a bright, friendly appearance.

If you're selecting new plants for your front yard or backyard, go with native species. They don't require much water or as much maintenance as non-native plants. As an added benefit, they'll attract butterflies to your yard. 

Buy New House Numbers and Update the Mailbox

Your mailbox and house numbers say a lot about you as a homeowner. Brand-new house numbers show that you care about small details. It gives a buyer confidence that your home has been properly cleaned and maintained.

Your mailbox should match in color and style with one of your home's exterior accents. It's also important to make sure it matches with the overall neighborhood "look.” A locking mailbox is an ideal addition, as a growing number of people work from home and need to keep important business mail secure.

Landmark 24 communities in Georgia are bursting with curb appeal but still have plenty of room for new homeowners to add their own personal touch. Check out our options, or get in touch with us to schedule a tour at your convenience.