Ways to Use Lighting to Enhance Any Space in Your Home


The right lighting sets the mood. It can transform any room of the home, giving it a bright and cheery vibe, a sophisticated glow, or a soothing, relaxed feel. But if you’ve ever walked into a lighting store, the choices can be overwhelming. How do you choose the best lighting that meets your style as well as your task needs?

The Lighting Options

There are three main types of lighting. These are:

  • Ambient lighting
    This is the primary source of light for most rooms. It includes chandeliers, track lights, and ceiling lights. It also includes natural light from windows and glass doors.
  • Accent lighting
    This lighting gives the room a distinct feel. It includes wall sconces and other lights that can be dimmed at will as well as candles, mirror lights, and shower lights.
  • Task lighting
    Ambient lighting doesn't always provide enough light for certain tasks. Pendant lighting above kitchen counters, a reading lamp on your desk, and a swing-arm lamp next to your bed keep spaces brightly lit, so you can read or work without straining your eyes.

How to Choose the Best Light for Any Room of the Home

Most rooms in your home will require more than one type of light. Ceiling lights are a must for the kitchen, but you'll also need island lighting or under-cupboard lighting to brighten up your countertop while you cook. Wall sconces may be in order if some corners of your kitchen don't get much light from the ceiling.

Bathroom lights should match the overall style of the bathroom. Mirror lights and shower lights give the room a sleek yet relaxed feel. Wall sconces can help you light up the sink area when you apply makeup. However, these lights shouldn't take the place of regular ceiling lights.

Just about any living room or dining room with a high ceiling would look good with a chandelier. Chandelier lighting doesn't have to be ornate; this type of lighting comes in all styles and sizes. Wall lights should be installed to create a mood or offer additional lighting as needed. A mirror is in order if you want to amplify the natural light coming from the windows.

Track lighting is ideal for a home office if you do Zoom calls on a regular basis. The tracks can be adjusted to ensure the light is just right for the call, and then readjusted so you have plenty of light over your work area. A table lamp may be in order if the track lights don't provide enough light for your desk.

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