Why Fall Is the Best Time of Year to Move

Why Fall Is the Best Time of Year to Move.jpg

Getting ready to move is a big stressor any time of year, so it’s only natural to want to find ways to ease the burden. Would you believe that the time of year you move can either incite relief or create additional tension? Here are four reasons savvy movers tend to move during the fall season.

Milder Weather Conditions

Summertime in the South can be unforgivingly hot and humid, and most people are understandably not looking forward to packing a truck in rainy winter or spring. Fall brings forth cooler, crisper days that ensure a more comfortable move.

Fall Is More Flexible for Movers

Fall is just after peak season, so you won't have to get on a reservation list for a moving truck. (This is more applicable for those without school-aged children who don’t need to move by summer to enroll youngsters in new schools.)

Lower Rates and Discounts When Moving in the Fall

With fewer people moving, storage facilities, movers and truck rental companies are more inclined to provide off-season discounts. Fall sales abound, so savings on moving supplies and other essentials upon move-in are likely to be had. That keeps extra money in your pocket to put toward holiday celebrations and travel.

Getting Settled Before the Holidays

While a school break during the holidays might seem to be the ideal time to move to or from the South, it’s not going to very merry for anyone participating in the haul. Not only are things more chaotic overall during the season, but you’ll miss out on spending quality time celebrating with the family.

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