Easy Ways to Bring Coziness to Any Space in Your Home

Easy Ways to Bring Coziness to Any Space in Your Home.jpg

Are you looking for ideas to add cozy touches to your home? Get ideas for a reading nook and warm lighting to transform your living room into an intimate film screening venue. 

A Nook for Your Book Habit

Transform a corner of your living room or bedroom into a reading nook. An oversized chair gives you room to curl up with a plush pillow, a cup of tea and the latest thriller. Keep a stack of reading materials handy and drape a blanket over the arm to stay snug on chilly evenings. Add an antique side table to store snacks and your reading materials. 

Layer Fabric, Color and Lighting 

Layers add depth to a room, especially if your furniture consists of neutral shades with no patterns. Plush area rugs separate functional areas such as a spot for your pet or a child's toy chest. If you want to liven up a room, add a splash of color to one wall. This generates areas of interest without overwhelming your senses. 

Achieve a friendly, cozy vibe with the following design strategies:

  • Use accessories to incorporate meaningful personal items such as photo frames.
  • Create shadowboxes from objects found on the beach or in the woods. 
  • Add whimsical charm with surprising accent pieces

Nothing creates a warm atmosphere like layered lighting. Overhead lighting provides plenty of light when guests come over. Wall sconces add ambient lighting and create a more subdued option for quiet family time. Reading lights near the couch make it easy to work from home or read a bedtime story. 

Southern Charm Is Always in Style

Southern homes reflect comfort and hospitality. Solid wood furniture with plush cushions and backs help you relax in style. Dark wood with carved accents reflects traditional decor but also exudes a welcoming vibe. Dress up your sofa with a floral throw for a cheerful accent that makes guests smile. Monogrammed pillows and classical furnishings bring to mind the days of yesteryear when families came together around a fire or the supper table every night. Start your family traditions with cozy furnishings!

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