Top Six Reasons to Buy a New Home From Landmark 24

Top Six Reasons to Buy a New Home From Landmark 24.jpg

From privacy to building equity and benefiting from all the tax advantages, owning a new home definitely has its perks. But many of the homeowners we work with are surprised to learn of advantages they had never even considered. Here are the top six benefits of buying a new home from Landmark 24.

  1. No landlord
    That means you're the one building equity with each mortgage payment – which is like putting money in savings every time you pay your mortgage. It means nobody raises your rent or sells the home out from under you.
  2. No design restrictions
    When you choose a new home from Landmark 24, you choose the flooring of your dreams; the wall colors that speak to you; the countertops that make you want to spend time in the kitchen. You don't need permission, and you don't have to settle.
  3. No waiting on maintenance
    When you buy a new home, you're less likely to experience the problems that come with older rentals, like electrical issues, leaky pipes, and cracks in the sheetrock. You can enjoy the almost maintenance-free life in a new, luxurious home. And when you do need maintenance, things get fixed when and how you wanted them fixed.
  4. No pet deposit
    Your pet is allowed with no pet deposit in your new Landmark 24 home, so your family stays complete. Let Fido enjoy your spacious new backyard!
  5. Total privacy
    No landlord means no landlord inspections, and nobody has a key to your house unless you give it to them. Your home is yours alone; you choose who comes and goes. 
  6. No compromising
    (Unless you're building with a partner, of course). Your house is built to suit your taste and preferences, period. You'll never have to settle for radiant heat, popcorn ceilings, or pink tiled walls – unless it's exactly what you choose.

Ready to explore the move-in ready homes at Landmark 24? Visit us today so we can dream together and build together.