From Spooky to Seasonal: Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Porch This Fall

Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Porch This Fall.jpg

Halloween-Themed Porch Ideas

If you love all things oozy, crawly, creepy, and spooky, Halloween porch decor can replace fall decor altogether. 

  • Using fishing line, hang witch hats by the point of the hat from your porch overhang for a whimsical, witchy first impression.
  • Use simple cardstock to place eyes – fun ones and spooky ones – in your front windows. Consider adding hair and monster teeth, too!
  • Craft black cat pumpkins with pumpkins in varying sizes, a little spray paint, and some card stock for a more creative approach to the pumpkins-on-the-porch fall trend.
  • Create this upside-down witch planter to spook your trick-or-treaters into thinking the wicked witch has fallen – on your front porch!
  • Turn your front porch into an arachnophobe’s nightmare by affixing larger-than-life spiders to the front of your house and porch.
  • Use your front porch seating for a spookier purpose: set a skeleton on the bench or rocking chair to give fall visitors a fright!

Fall-Themed Porch Ideas

Not everybody celebrates Halloween, and some people love fall too much to pass it by. If that's you, here are some great ideas for embracing fall when you decorate your front porch.

  • Hang a delicious fall wreath, rich in oranges and yellows and burgundies, and accessorized with sunflowers or gourds for the most warm and welcoming porch.
  • Mix fall and farmhouse by painting your pumpkins white and replacing your summer welcome mat with something like burlap (or paint a jute rug!).
  • Toss a cozy plaid throw blanket on your porch swing or bench to add texture and invite autumn in.
  • Use a hanging vase to hang a fall floral arrangement right on your front door, giving the old bouquet a new use.
  • You always create a Thanksgiving table centerpiece; how about one for your outdoor coffee table or picnic table?
  • Toss a couple of colorful ears of corn onto your outdoor coffee table or side table for a fun fall touch.

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