The Benefits of Living in an HOA Community


One thing many people look at before moving into a new neighborhood is whether or not there is a homeowners association (HOA). Our opinion is that living in a community with an HOA in place is a positive attribute to the neighborhood as whole. Here are three key benefits of living in an HOA community.

1. Your Property Values Are Protected

Being part of an HOA means there are certain rules and covenants that you have to abide by. The reason for this is that the main goal is to protect home values in the area. That means that your neighbor can’t park his unsightly station wagon up on blocks in the front yard or build a barn out of scrap metal within view from the street.

Likewise, it also means that everyone within the neighborhood has to maintain the exterior of their homes appropriately. In the end, this protects the value of all the homes within the community, including yours should you ever decide to sell.

2. Common Areas Are Maintained

Wouldn’t it be terrible if you had to mow your neighborhood golf course or keep up with the pool on your own? By having an HOA, that stuff is all taken care of for you. Each time you make a dues payment, you’re contributing to the upkeep of these areas.

In turn, it allows you to be able to spend quality time with your family swimming, golfing, or even just playing at the neighborhood playground. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone, right?

3. Pet and Noise Regulations

Nobody likes a neighbor that lets their dogs run loose or plays music loudly at all hours of the day and night. Having an HOA means that there’s someone there to ensure all regulations are being followed, and the community is maintained at a certain standard to the benefit of all who live there.

Landmark 24 Homes & HOAs

At Landmark 24 Homes, all of our neighborhoods utilize homeowners associations. We consider this as just another benefit of residing in one of our communities. Our established neighborhoods use HOAs to keep the area beautiful for all who live there.

If you’re ready to find your new dream home, Landmark 24 Homes can help. Please contact our team today to learn about our available floor plans, neighborhoods, and why building new is a great idea.