Reason No. 21 Why You Should Buy a New Home from Landmark 24: New is Better!


Are you thinking about buying a new home from Landmark 24? One of the best reasons is simply that new is better. By being the first owner of where you live, there are definite benefits. Here are a few reasons we think buying a new home is better!

You Get to Be the First Owner

Your home is a deeply personal space. It’s where you share good memories with your family and live out your life on a day-to-day level. When you buy a new home, you can rest assured that you’re the first to live in your space. This is a big deal, because it means you get to know exactly what has happened in the home without any guesswork regarding maintenance and upkeep.

Being the first owner also means that you get to enjoy numerous benefits, like additional warranties and better control if there are any issues. With Landmark 24, we want to ensure you’re satisfied with the home and will help you work through any problems that pop up after closing.

You Have a Chance to Make Important Decisions

If you’ve ever purchased an existing home where you weren’t the first owner, there’s a good chance there’s something about it that drove you a little crazy, whether it is the color of the bathroom cabinets, the position of a light switch, or the flooring choice in the entry way.

With a new home from Landmark 24 Homes, you’re able to make these decisions throughout the building process. Our team will help you decide on a floor plan, choose finishes, and select what means the most to you in your home. Not only is the process fun, it gives you an opportunity to have a real choice in what you want your finished space to look like.

Completed Homes That Have Never Been Lived In

Not so sure you want to go through the process of building a home and making all of those decisions about color and layout? Not to worry! At Landmark 24 Homes, we have a list of completed homes that are move-in ready. Our Landmark 24 team is here to help reduce stress and make the process easy from start to finish, whether you build or buy a home that is ready now.

Finding Your new Home at Landmark 24

Ready to get started? We have a variety of different floor plans to choose from throughout our established neighborhood communities. Browse our virtual tour of homes and see what your new Landmark 24 home will look like!