How Will Buying and Selling Your Home Change During a Pandemic?


Buying and selling homes can continue during the Covid-19 pandemic with the benefit of technology ranging from virtual tours and appraisal sites to video chat platforms and the ability to sign legal documents online.

Of course, Realtors can still hold a more traditional open house for viewing and let prospective buyers in – as long as everyone honors social distancing rules and wears a face mask.

The consideration of which businesses are essential during active stay-at-home orders vary from state to state. Not all states consider mortgage bankers, notaries and everything associated with real estate as essential. If yours does not, the internet has become the only source that you and your Realtor can take advantage of to make the sale or purchase of a home a reality.

Your real estate agent has become more important than ever in this virtual world to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly with few delays. Here are some details you should know.

Virtual Tours

If you haven’t seen a virtual tour of a home yet, go to your browser and enter either Zillow or Trulia, plus the name of any city, and you will be able to take a virtual tour of the properties for sale there. One way these tours may have been created is with a 3D home app for your smart phone. The tool allows sellers, agents, landlords and property managers to create detailed virtual tours of their properties listed for sale, greatly increasing the number of interested visitors to their listings.

Online Video and Chat Sites

These sites are meant for distance conferencing. Some of the companies providing the means to do these are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and They all have their own unique features. Microsoft Teams is mainly used by businesses using Microsoft Office Suite and offers a robust chat feature, while Zoom is often used by businesses that want to reach conference members outside their company network. 


Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home or other real estate is aware of the immense amount of paperwork involved in such transactions, each requiring many signatures and initials. During this pandemic, the businesses that deal with this paperwork may not be open for business. This is where DocuSign comes in.

This is easy. All you need do is upload the document for signature to the DocuSign website, type in the date, then drag and drop your signature in the space provided on the document. You can send your signed document to whomever you wish.

In addition to the online document signing service, there is a separate online notary service to get a signature properly notarized.

Your real estate agent is familiar with how to use this technology to make the purchase or sale of your home as smooth as possible during this pandemic.

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