Smart Options for Your Kitchen Appliances


We have self-driving cars, devices that immediately answer our questions with a voice, smartphones that do almost everything for us, and wristbands that measure our fitness as we work out. Robot vacuums have been on the market for years that keep our floors clean without any human interaction. Now, technological advances have arrived in kitchen appliances.

Smart Refrigerators

There was a time when removing the generator from the top of the electric refrigerator and plugging it into a wall outlet made the fridge modern and smart. Today the smart refrigerator:

  • Keeps your food fresher longer
  • Reads recipes to you while you cook
  • Notifies you of food going past the expiration date
  • Creates grocery lists based on the inventory of foods in the refrigerator
  • Has a touchscreen that acts as a family communication center allowing personal notes and daily to-do lists.

Many of the brands come with Alexa connectivity so you can talk to your refrigerator from wherever you are to check important details and have it do many other things for you remotely.

Smart Ovens

Smart ovens broil, bake, roast, sear or air-fry your foods perfectly every time. No more burned-on-the-bottom cookies, underdone casseroles or dried-out roasts. These ovens take all the guesswork out of cooking. Some even have cameras so you can monitor what’s in the oven from afar and turn the oven off or change the temperature so the food comes out exactly to your liking.

Smart Blenders

The smartest blenders have pre-set programs that you select from a touchscreen control. You can choose from smoothies, purees, cleaning, frozen desserts and hot soups. Within each program is an automatic timer that senses when to shut off the process so you no longer have to baby-sit your blender.

Smart Washers and Dryers

These laundry appliances let you schedule cycles when you want to, track progress from your smartphone and be alerted when the last cycle is finished. You don’t have to be anywhere near it. Some of them have a dispenser that keeps track of when you are low on detergent and fabric softener so you will never run out with a pile of dirty laundry on hand.

Smart dryers can also be operated remotely, and they have a feature that optimizes cycle time and temperature so everything in the load dries completely without damage to any item no matter how delicate.

Smart appliances save time that’s so essential to our busy lives today. They’re also durable and some even have videos that allow you to troubleshoot common problems yourself.

They are more expensive than their non-smart predecessors, so be sure to read and thoroughly understand the manufacturer warranty that comes with the appliance before purchasing and keep the warranty in a place where you can easily refer to it if needed. Warranties are not all created equal, so you need to know what your rights are before purchase. Also, be aware that while new home construction warranties cover many things for a period of time after construction is completed, they do not cover appliances; that is up to the manufacturer.

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