Create a Southern-Style Porch for a Homey Feeling


One thing Southerners have always known how to do is to create a welcoming home environment. Of course, this starts the moment you arrive at the curb with the view of a beautifully decorated front porch or patio. Here are a few tips on how to style yours accordingly so that it is both comfortable and functional.

Choose Comfortable Seating and Accessories

The easiest way to make porches feel more like home is with appropriate seating and accessories. Choose cozy chairs with pillows and add an all-weather rug for a pop of color. Add string lights with either a twinkle style or vintage-like Edison bulbs. Rocking chairs, a bench, or a swing are also great ideas. However, you want to be mindful of space by not using items that are too large for the size of the area, which can make it feel cluttered and become a safety hazard.

Spice Things Up With Bright Colors

Bright colors are another great way to make your space feel immediately like home. You can add potted plants and hanging baskets with bold-hued flowers to boost the wow factor. Carefully select coordinating colors and patterns for a cohesive appeal. Want to really give your space a bit of old-fashioned Southern vintage charm? Choose antique décor pieces repainted or repurposed for just the right amount of classic flair.

Make It Truly an Outdoor Living Space

If you have enough space, you can also select décor items like baskets for holding blankets, books, or magazines. Tables, lamps, and candles can even turn a simple patio into a wonderful outdoor living space you’ll want to share with guests. You can also add citronella candles or screen in an area to help get respite from those pesky summer insects.

Ultimately, choose items for your outdoor living space that reflect who you are and what your family loves. That’s what Southerners have known for decades: home starts with the people you share it with and the attention to detail you put into it. Transforming your porch or patio is easy as long as you apply your own personal flair to the project, just as you would on the interior of your residence.

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