Why Living in Georgia is the Best Move You Can Make


According to Moving.com, Georgia is a top 10 (#6) destination for popular states to move to. People come to appreciate the clean air, easy-going culture and great food found here. Young college students looking for a place to grow their careers, families who want a good place to raise children, retirees and many others are discovering the worst kept secret in the South. Right now, Georgia is the place to be. Here are several reasons that you should move to Georgia too!

Here are just some of the reasons people love living in Georgia. 

1. Let's Talk About the Weather

Georgia's climate draws many new residents to the Peach State, which has six distinct land regions. Although the weather in this large state varies by region, summer temperatures average 80 degrees and the moderate winters average in the high 40s with little snow. Autumn foliage and the burst of life in spring make Georgia one of the most beautiful states to visit. Some people just never leave.

2. Cultural Affairs

Many cities and towns feature live music in the streets or at open-air venues. Country music, rhythm and blues and rock and roll often permeate the air in downtown areas. Musical great Ray Charles lives in Georgia as well as many aspiring modern artists in hip hop and other genres. Southern barbecue may sound like a meal, but it's more of a religion to practitioners in Georgia. Also, if you love peanuts, pecans and peaches, you may just have to move here to get a steady supply.

Georgia's intellectual capital includes writers such as Alice Walker, Margaret Mitchell and Flannery O’Connor who accurately depict the South's brightest and darkest moments. To learn more about that famous Southern hospitality, just walk into a restaurant or store along any Main Street in Georgia.

3. The Price is Right

Compared to other states, Georgia has a low cost of living and affordable hotel rates. While Atlanta homes are on the more expensive side, the cost of housing is cheaper than the national average in smaller cities. Also, housing prices are appreciating, so there's an excellent chance of getting a great return on your investment.

4. Play Ball

Sports fans in Georgia have a wide selection of teams to cheer on, keeping them busy all year long. 

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Atlanta Braves
  • Atlanta United FC

Additionally, the Masters Tournament brings professional golf fans to Augusta every year and Dawsonville is the birthplace of NASCAR.

5. Hollywood of the South

Look for the “Georgia Logo” of a stylized peach at the end of movies and television series. Over 700 films and television projects have been shot in Georgia. If you're interested in getting into film production, forget Hollywood, come to Atlanta instead.

6. History

Visit battle sites from the Civil War and War of 1812 as well as sacred Native American sites. Historic buildings, plantations and the complicated past of the Confederacy can be understood in greater context thanks to museums throughout the state. 

Come visit Georgia from Florida, the rest of the United State or overseas. When you’re ready to buy a home, consider building in the communities of Landmark 24 Homes or settling down in one of our move-in-ready homes. Get ready for a new way of life where people enjoy living and good company!