Top Tips for a Flourishing Summer Garden


Spring may have already sprung, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your plants and flowers. In fact, this time of year is one of the best to get outside and give your garden a little tender loving care. Here are our top tips for a flourishing summer garden.

#1: Water is Your Friend

If you’re struggling to keep your plants looking great during the warmer days, remember that water is your friend. Create a schedule and stick to it daily or multiple times per week for better garden success. Too hot to water midday? Stick to either an early morning or late evening schedule for best results and to minimize evaporation.

#2: Spice Up Your Space with Colorful Containers

Want to add a little excitement to your garden this summer? Spice things up by replanting plants and flowers in colorful containers. You’ll love seeing these pops of color each time you come outside, and the roots will be happy for extra room to grow. As a fun tip, consider looking for containers that are a little out of the ordinary, such as oversized coffee mugs, remembering to drill a hole in the bottom for drainage.

#3: Trim Up Plants Appropriately

This time of year is also great for trimming. Deadhead annual flowers and trim up perennials to keep flowers currently in bloom looking their best. You should also cut back herbs as often as possible, which will keep them flourishing throughout the entire summer season. It might seem a bit counterintuitive but removing dying flowers from plants helps new ones grow.

#4: Fertilize According to Plant Type

Summer is a great time for fertilizing your garden, but don’t do it with the same formula across all of your plants. Choose blends that appropriately match your specific type of plant or flower. For example, select a special blend designed for roses, one for vegetables, etc. Feed every two weeks throughout the season for best results.

#5: Find Your Inspiration

Of course, now is a great time to find inspiration for your own garden through visits to local landmarks. Garden centers, local parks, teaching gardens, and more offer an abundance of beautiful plants and flowers to give you an idea of what you want in your own space.

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