Community Perks: Meeting New Neighbors


Moving to a new home in a new community is stressful. The mere logistics of packing and loading all your stuff into a moving van and then unpacking it all in an unfamiliar home and unfamiliar neighborhood are daunting. However, once all that is finished and you are settled into that comfortable, spacious new home, things begin to look up. 

You can make a completely fresh start with new people in a new community. The first step in widening your network of acquaintances and neighbors is to get outside. Take several walks around the area and take note of what each resident is revealing to passersby. There may be dogs in the yard of one home and spectacular landscaping in another. Some yards may have playground equipment and some may have putting greens or a rack holding canoes or kayaks. All of these items form the basis of conversation starters and friendships. The neighbors may not know it, but they are expressing at least one side of what makes them who they are. 

If you have a dog, by all means take him with you on your neighborhood jaunts. Dogs are terrific icebreakers and if you run into one of your neighbors also walking a dog, it can be the beginning of a lasting friendship. 

Why It’s Important to Get to Know Your Neighbors 

Now that you have an idea of what some of your neighbors’ interests are, when you run into them, you have something with which to start up a conversation. There is no need to seek them out. In fact, it is much better to be relaxed and easy when attempting to start a conversation. 

If you see someone putting on that putting green, that would be a fine time to talk about golf, especially if you, too, are a golfer. However, you don’t have to engage in a sport to talk about it with someone who does. You know their interest, and you are expressing an interest in them. Listen to them and learn about what they like, and soon you will make friends. 

Residents who become a part of a community generally stay longer in that community and enjoy their life there far more than those who never venture out of the home. Human beings are a gregarious bunch, and most of us are happier being on familiar terms with our neighbors. 

This is not to say that we cannot appreciate a loner’s lifestyle. Not every neighbor is outgoing and social. Recognize that and be friendly – but give everyone his or her space, and don’t intrude on that space. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend HOA meetings. You will learn more about the community at a gathering in which you and your neighbors share a mutual interest. That is very likely to lead to conversations and a wider network of acquaintances.

If you do all these things in a relaxed, friendly manner, you will no longer be a stranger; you will be part of your new Landmark 24 Homes community, featuring many home designs, floor plans and outdoor amenities, with new experiences, new relationships and a new life.