2020 Home Trends and Ideas


There are some definite trends underway at the start of the new decade and they bring a fresh new look to the home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Two of the most noticeable interior design changes are more colorful kitchens and the resurgence of the formal dining room. The major changes to the outside of the home include saying goodbye to brightly painted doors and hello to simple landscaping.

Here are some housing and decorating trends that will soon be taking hold.


Kitchens are extremely important because they are the heart of the home; an area where everyone gathers to cook, eat and chat. For years, everyone wanted a white, farmhouse-type kitchen because of its clean look and feel. In 2020, however, kitchens are being designed and remodeled to be light and bright, with not one color but several in various tones and palettes.

Natural elements are trending in every room including the kitchen. Where last year everyone wanted white, painted cabinets and white tile floors, now they should be looking towards wood cabinets and floors, even a wood range hood with an interesting texture making it more of an art piece than a utilitarian kitchen staple.

Dining Rooms

No more using the dining room as a family room, den or game room. Dining rooms are for dining while conversing with family and friends around the table. This trend actually harkens back to the days when families gathered around the dining table every night to talk about what they did that day in an effort to reconnect.

The dining room was always a place where people got to know each other better and its comeback will be a welcome part of family life.

Natural Elements

Stone, wood and metals have been a part of interior design for a few years now, as has a neutral palette. However, in 2020, this trend has broadened into also blending recycled materials as well as nature’s neutrals into the design.

Paint colors remain muted and calm with the added interest of neutral earth colors such as sage and muted terra cotta brought into the mix. In this busy, fast-moving world, coming home to a serene environment is paramount. Bring nature in with light, plants, natural elements and color to make your home a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Exterior Trends

As a part of bringing nature in, gone are the brightly painted doors of the last decade. This year, you want natural wood doors, Dutch doors and iron and glass doors to shed as much light on the interior space as possible.

Shutters are being replaced with exterior window frames in natural tones and iron to play up the colors and materials of the door.

Landscaping is also simple with no bushes or trees to block the natural light from entering the home.

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