Kitchen Trends for 2021


The kitchen is the heart of your home. So, add your own sense of fashion when designing a functional room. In 2021, new trends will emerge, including quartz countertops, energy-efficient appliances in sleek dark colors, and islands with multiple levels to meet a variety of storage and dining needs. 

Here are some of the trends to watch and borrow for your own kitchen design project: 

  • Quartz countertops offer a contemporary update that includes the look of granite coupled with durability and easy care. 
  • With space at a premium in many homes, homeowners are incorporating compact appliances, islands and other features to achieve a clean, functional look with minimal clutter. 
  • Some homeowners are opting for relaxing, matte textures with a few metal accents to add some shine. The shiny, stainless steel look of seasons past may disappear in 2021.
  • Homeowners focusing on sustainability can choose energy-efficient appliances, bamboo flooring, low-emission products and repurposed materials to create a new kitchen that sets a great example for kids and the neighbors. 
  • Reclaimed sinks and vintage fixtures imbue a timelessness to your modern kitchen. 
  • Light-colored cabinets, counters and shelves made of lightweight materials simplify renovations and make it easy to change your mind with a new look down the road. For 2021, modern kitchens will incorporate click-open systems to create a seamless look. 
  • Light fixtures don't always receive the attention they deserve in home design. Choose woven light fixtures for a natural, breezy feel or choose structured lighting that doubles as a focal point in your ultra-modern kitchen. Your lighting solutions should illuminate your style as well as your kitchen.
  • Contrasting counters and cabinets or contrasting cabinets and flooring add depth and dimension to your kitchen. For example, choose warm laminate or hardwood flooring to soften black, white and gray cabinetry and counters. 

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